Sunny-Side-Up! New Egg Resources Launch

Sunny-Side-Up! New Egg Resources Launch

Sunny-Side-Up! New Egg Resources Launch

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation (BCAITC) in partnership with BC Egg is excited to announce the addition of new resources to our Spotlight Series on Eggs! These resources are designed to educate primary and intermediate students all about BC eggs. Let's explore what’s new and how these tools can enrich your classroom.


Fresh Stories

Fresh Stories - Eggs

Introducing Fresh Stories for Primary and Intermediate students! These engaging educational activities are perfect for teachers looking to integrate lessons about BC eggs into their curriculum. Each Fresh Story comes with curriculum-linked applications to: Language Arts, Math, Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Food Studies. With Fresh Stories, students can make meaningful connections between BC Agriculture and the food we enjoy every day.


Fresh Stories

All About Eggs

Our K-3 kit All About Eggs provides an interdisciplinary thematic unit about eggs, connecting to English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Physical Health and Education. This lesson plan includes six fun activities that are sure to enrich your classroom learning experience with a focus on agriculture education. Here are some examples:

Fresh Stories

Informative Posters as part of the kit:

The new educational posters are perfect for the classrooms. They are designed to help students learn and remember key facts about BC eggs in a visually appealing way.

What Do Hens Eat?

This poster visually explains the diet of hens, helping students understand the nutrition that goes into producing healthy eggs.

Name That Chicken

An engaging poster that takes students through the life cycle of an egg, from hen to chick. It's a fantastic visual aid to spark curiosity and discussion in the classroom.

Fresh Stories

Fun Activity: Journey of a BC Egg

Get creative with our Journey of a BC Egg colouring activity! Students can colour and narrate the journey of an egg from farm to table, offering a hands-on way to learn about the agricultural process.


Get Started Today!

What are you waiting for, educators? Download these resources today to integrate agriculture education in your classroom. Click the links below to access these free materials and start enriching your student’s learning experiences with the BC Agriculture.

Enhance your teaching toolkit and help students appreciate the journey of our food from farm to table with our new resources. Happy learning!

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