Teacher Ambassadors

We are excited to introduce our team of BCAITC Teacher Ambassadors that are working to help bring agriculture education to a community near you. Our ambassadors are teachers with a dedication and passion for agriculture education, who will work with their home communities, the BCAITC Education Specialist, and the BCAITC Executive Director to help deliver information about agriculture in BC, connect teachers with BCAITC resources and programs, and provide professional development opportunities for their regions of the province.

Meet our Teacher Ambassadors




Monica Bradbury – Vancouver Island

Monica is a high school home economics teacher in the Parksville School District. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of food science, curriculum development, and a strong connection to her local farming community. Monica is deeply passionate about exposing students and teachers to agriculture, especially in making connections between the food we eat, who produces it, and where it comes from. She believes in getting her students out of the classroom and into the community to meet, tour, and work with local farmers, as well as bringing the farm to her school through the creation of two productive school gardens.



Connie-Lyn Redl – South Cariboo

Connie-Lyn is an elementary teacher in the Williams Lake School District whose agriculture roots run deep. Born and raised on a working cattle ranch, she continues this lifestyle with her husband and three children. Connie-Lyn is passionate about bringing agriculture education to her students and school, and hopes to extend this to her larger district. She particularly wants to focus on educating students about areas of agriculture not always seen in the Cariboo.




Cindy Sherstan – North Cariboo

Cindy Sherstan is a Jr. High home economics teacher in the Quesnel School District. She believes that all learners benefit from education about food and food-systems, and wants to bring agriculture to life for her students through place-based learning opportunities. Cindy also wants to help students and teachers explore the larger role agriculture plays in their community at both a political and economic level. Cindy has participated in several BCAITC programs and hopes to bring more school garden initiatives to her district. When not in the classroom, Cindy can be found exploring local trails, pulling weeds amongst the bees in the community garden, or plotting adventures with friends and family.


To inquire about having a Teacher Ambassador deliver a presentation in your area, please contact teacher@aitc.ca

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Teacher Ambassador team please contact Pat Tonn for more details. We are accepting applications from the following regions: Vancouver Island, Okanagan, Kootenays, Peace River, Cariboo, and Northwest BC.