BC Greenhouse Veggie Days Tours 2020

Greenhouse Veggie Days Tours 2020

BC Greenhouse Veggie Days Tours 2020

Due to COVID-19, BC Greenhouse Veggie Days tours are cancelled for 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

In honour of BC Greenhouse Veggie Days we are partnering once again with the BC Greenhouse Growers Association to invite teachers and their students to see how a greenhouse works!

On May 5 and 7, select greenhouses are providing educational tours for grades 1-12 in celebration of BC Greenhouse Veggie Days. The greenhouse tours have been designed to make curriculum connections for Sciences, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Food Studies, and Culinary Arts.

There will be four different stations that will highlight the major aspects of greenhouses:

  1. Energy Cycles
  2. Plants and Integrated Pest Management
  3. The Workings of the Greenhouse and Careers
  4. Grading Produce for Market and Marketing

Tours are 1 hour in length and will be led by experienced greenhouse growers who will share their passion for indoor growing. Email krista@bcgreenhouse.ca to register and teacher@aitc.ca for more information.