BC Sage, Parsley and Ricotta Tortellini - Sips and Sprouts Recipe

Chef Randle

BC Sage, Parsley and Ricotta Tortellini - Sips and Sprouts Recipe

Try Chef Randle's delicious recipe he shared with us at our Sips and Sprouts event this year! 

BC Sage, Parsley and Ricotta Tortellini

Yield: 4 Portions


For the Pasta:

250      g          All Purpose Flour

5          ml        Salt

5                      BC Egg Yolks

1                      BC Egg

15        ml        Olive Oil

60        ml        Water

For the Ravioli Filling:

250      g          BC Ricotta Cheese

1                      Lemon (Zest)

4                      BC Sage Leaves, chiffonade

30        ml        BC Parsley, chopped fine

120      g          BC Parmesan Cheese

                        Salt and Pepper


1.      Combine Flour and salt. Set aside

2.      Combine egg yolks, egg, olive oil and water and beat with a fork.

3.      On a table or cutting board, pour on flour mixture and make a well in the center large enough to hold the liquid.

4.      Pour egg mixture into the middle of the flour.

5.      Using a fork, gently mix the flour and eggs together slowly bringing flour in as not to break the flour barrier.

6.      When thick enough, begin to combine the rest of the flour with the egg mixture.

7.      Using your hands, knead the dough for 5 – 7 minutes or until it is very smooth and there are no air pockets in the middle when cut.

8.      Wrap tightly in plastic and let rest in the refrigerator for at least an hour or over night.

9.      Meanwhile, make the filling by combining all ingredients.

10.  Roll, cut, fill and shape pasta to desired shapes.

11.  Cook in boiling salted water for 3 – 4 minutes.

12.  Serve immediately with desired sauce. (tomato, brown butter, alfredo, broth)