AITC National Conference 2023

AITC National Conference 2023

AITC National Conference 2023

The Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-Canada) National Conference held from June 19 to 22 brought together delegates from 10 member provinces, fostering a shared passion for agricultural education. This gathering was a testament to the growing importance of equipping students with knowledge about the vital role agriculture plays in our lives. Throughout the conference, attendees had the opportunity to attend the cooking workshop with BC Ingredients, visit BC agricultural sites and engage in planning meetings for future direction.



Exploring the Pencil Patch - Ag Adventure’s Teaching Garden:

One of the highlights of the AITC National Conference was the visit to the Pencil Patch, a teaching garden where students actively engage in hands-on learning about BC’s Agriculture and food production. Nestled amidst farm country in the Fraser Valley, this garden serves as a living classroom and an educational resource for teachers and students, demonstrating the various stages of plant growth and the importance of sustainable gardening practices. Delegates had the opportunity to explore the interconnectedness between agriculture and education. The visit to Pencil Patch Teaching Garden left attendees inspired and equipped with valuable insights to incorporate into their own provincial programs.



BBQ Delights:

During the conference, delegates had the opportunity to relish a mouthwatering BBQ meal prepared by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom staff. The BBQ lunch not only provided a platform for networking and camaraderie but also a relaxed atmosphere for participants to share their passion for agriculture and discuss the challenges and successes of implementing agricultural education in their respective regions. The tantalizing aromas and flavours served as a reminder of the dedication and hard work of Canadian farmers. It was a true celebration of the bountiful harvest and the individuals who make it possible.



Immersing in EcoFarm's Sustainable Practices:

Next, we ventured to EcoFarm, an inspiring agricultural initiative focused on sustainable farming methods and environmental stewardship. Here, conference attendees witnessed the first-hand integration of innovative technologies, conservation techniques, and biodiversity preservation in farming.  Conference attendees also had the opportunity to do a Dairy Barn Tour and explored innovative farming technology such as robotic milk parlour, vertical gardening, hydroponics, and permaculture. The farm's commitment to biodiversity, conservation, and regenerative practices left a lasting impression, emphasizing the vital role of agriculture in preserving our planet for future generations.



Exploring Petkov Kiwi Farm:

The AITC National Conference took the delegates on a journey to Petkov Kiwi Farm, where they discovered the lesser-known world of kiwi cultivation. This farm demonstrated how innovative farming techniques can be employed to grow non-traditional crops successfully. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of kiwi farming, including the ideal climatic conditions, cultivation methods, and harvesting techniques. This visit provided valuable insights into the diversity of agricultural practices in Canada, while highlighting the importance of adapting to local climates and exploring alternative crops. The experience sparked conversations about introducing students to lesser-known crops and broadening their understanding of Canadian agriculture.



Culinary Adventures at Maple Ridge Secondary School:

The conference also included an engaging cooking workshop hosted at Maple Ridge Secondary School. Delegates engaged in an immersive culinary experience where they learned how to prepare farm-fresh meals using locally sourced ingredients. Led by talented Chef Trevor Randle and student assistants, the workshop emphasized the importance of nutrition and sustainability in culinary practices. Through hands-on sushi-making sessions and informative discussions about BC commodities, participants discovered innovative ways to integrate agriculture into the culinary arts. This workshop showcased the connection between agriculture, food production, and culinary arts. Attendees had the opportunity to learn and enjoy new recipes using locally sourced ingredients, reinforcing the importance of healthy eating habits and supporting local farmers. The workshop served as a reminder that agriculture is not only about cultivation but also about nourishing communities through the food we consume.



The Agriculture in the Classroom Canada National Conference served as a significant platform for delegates from different provinces to come together and exchange ideas, resources, and strategies for promoting agricultural education. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the AITC delegates from Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Saskatchewan for their insightful contributions and dedication to nurturing agricultural literacy. Together, we can continue to inspire and educate the next generation about the vital role of agriculture in our lives.

 Thank you to the following sponsors for providing BC products for conference meals.



The AITC Canada National Conference 2023 was a remarkable gathering that highlighted the importance of agriculture education and its integration into classroom learning. Through visits to the Pencil Patch, EcoFarm, Petkov Kiwi Farm, and the cooking workshop at Maple Ridge Secondary School, delegates gained valuable insights, forged connections, and discovered innovative ways to incorporate agriculture into their K-12 programs. The conference served as a reminder of the transformative power of agricultural education in shaping the future of Canada's agriculture industry and fostering a sustainable society.



If you have questions about the event contact BCAITC Communications Coordinator, Thank you for your support!

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